September, 2017

My MongoDB Presentations at MWLUG

My presentations at MWLUG this year were a bit different from what I have presented at this conference in the past.  I submitted IBM Domino sessions for the Best Practices and System Administration tracks and MongoDB sessions for the Innovation track.  My session abstracts that were accepted were my two MongoDB sessions. I have been working with MongoDB about 6 months now and have found I have the same excitement and passion about MongoDB that I encountered when I first started working with IBM Domino over 20 years ago.  I find myself thinking “This is really cool stuff!”.

I didn’t know what to expect as far as turnout for the presentations. My first session, IN103 MongoDB – What You Need to Know, was a full house!  I am approximating there were about 70 people that attended this presentation.  I covered what MongoDB is, explained it’s multi-model database architecture and expressive query language in addition to other MongoDB basics.  I also explained how MongoDB is similar yet different from relational database systems, made comparisons between IBM Domino and MongoDB and how and why customers are using MongoDB.

My second session, IN106 MongoDB Performance, talked to the performance advantages of MongoDB over other data stores and delved into key factors for hardware requirements, and decisions that need to be made when choosing a MongoDB database type. I also covered what sharding is and how to choose the type of sharding that is best for a specific environment. along with critical elements for designing a schema that will perform in addition to the different types of and the importance of indexes.

Both of these presentations are on slideshare:

My work and travel schedule has been fast and furious since less than 48 hours after MWLUG ended so my apologies for not getting these presentations made public until now.  I hope you enjoy them!